What is an epiphany? A lightbulb moment? Sudden understanding? The clicking of an internal switch? It is all of these and more. I believe we experience many throughout life. The irony. I experienced an Aha moment while reading the master of epiphanies' short story “The Dead” in his Dubliners. Who do I speak of? The... Continue Reading →


I check my various emails daily with hope. What I am hoping for, I am unsure. I check my personal and both colleges. I await news on my diploma. Graduation. Tassel. Cap and Gown. I await on answers to college applications, resumés for jobs and internships. For a month, I anxiously waited for confirmation that... Continue Reading →

Embrace The New Normal

Fanuel Hall Boston Another day. Another weekend. Another week. Another month. It is now July and the new normal continues to possess a surrealness that can only be felt. The churning of the unfamiliar fighting to become known. There are no words to describe the phenomenon. It is an abstract sensation. The numbness of emptiness.... Continue Reading →

The Warm Embrace of Cataloochee

Me at the Steve Woody House built in 1880 I can still hear the crunch of the leaves beneath my boots. The feel of the breeze in a lazy ponytail. The chirps of the birds and the gurgling of the creek as I meander along the most beautiful trails. The laughter of my companions. Paths... Continue Reading →

The Mask Divided

It is an odd sensation that courses through my body as I glance out the window where I work. Passersby wear masks. Masks made of cloth. Medical masks. Masks contrived from bandanas. The feeling is surreal. I am walking through a dream in a near dystopian novel or movie, not real life. Not the reality... Continue Reading →

Sediment of Complacency

There has been no rain. No wind. No stirring. A rose floats listlessly upon the water. No stem. No roots. Nothing to ground it. Only a stagnant puddle to attract the mosquitoes of society ready to pounce, to smother, to take rights that should be equally possessed. Those mosquitoes are blood suckers, parasites, only thinking... Continue Reading →

Seals and Jane Austen

No one is to be seen except the occasional passerby or visitor to the seals. It is quietly surreal in a place which at this time last year bustled with tourists, no seat to be found. The cackles of children to interrupt reveries. I am reminded of the days I lived in the mountains of... Continue Reading →

Ready To Study in Kassel

Packing day!  Suitcase lays open!  I play with a new camera while spending time with Miki, my cockatiel.  My daughter has graduated high school and is working on her own preparations to become a University of Massachusetts Boston student.  I keep unpacking and repacking unsure of what to take.  All important papers are copied and... Continue Reading →

The Early Days

October 2019 Salem, Massachusetts I never imagined life would be as it is now. Leisure and worry mingle with much needed forced relaxation. We are living in the era of coronavirus. New Year’s Eve began as any other night. Exhausted, I was barely able to stay awake to watch the ball drop. My life has... Continue Reading →

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